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Gumtree: Black labrador/ Greyhound 6 month old looking for new home
We have a black labrador/ greyhound 6 month old pup. We have a dog already and are struggling with space and time for Juno, the puppy. Our garden is very small and has no grass which we feel isn't fair for her.We are now looking for a loving new home for her. She is quite energetic but very friendly in nature. She is slightly toilet trained already Any queries please contact me!
  • Dublin
  • 19-Mar-14
Grayhound racer dog for sale clour black 3 years old. r dog
please contact
  • Dublin
  • 03-Mar-14
Full breed greyhound. Black in colour. Male. 3 years old. Competed in many races and received great results. Papers included. Also was brought hunting numerous times. Very playful & friendly. Queit do
€ 300
  • Dublin
  • 03-Mar-14
Gumtree: Lurcher
Father was 4th generation pitbull X greyhound Mother was saluki X greyhound X whippet 8month old male. 24 inches to the shoulder. Well bred, will be fabulous working dog. Already caught rabbits. Will be sad to see him go but don't have the time and in process of moving house. He is wormed and vaccinated.
€ 200
  • Cork
  • 25-Feb-14
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