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Experienced nanny available to childmind on evenings and weekends! Need someone to mind your children? Have an appointment/dinner/party and can't bring them? So do not hesitate to contact me!!! Look forward to hearing from you!
  • 10-Apr-14
Hey families :) I'm an experienced childminder, full of energy and patience and I'm available to BABYSITT on weekends in Limerick area! Please, contact me by email with at least a week to make an appointment and for more info! Look forward to hearing from you!!!
  • 02-Apr-14
Gumtree: BABYSITTER AVAILABLE week evenings and weekends!
Hey, need someone trustful to mind your children while you go out?! Call me so :) I'm an experienced, kind and energetic childminder, available for week evenings/nights and weekends! I can cook for th
  • 26-Mar-14
My name is Rachel and I am 19 years old and I am from County Limerick. I am currently working as a fulltime child-minder to two little boys aged 3 and 16 months which I absolutely adore, but unfortunately come March the family will not require me to mind the children any more. I have FETAC Level 5 Early Childhood Care & Education with Montessori complete at Limerick College of Further Education, along with Occupation First Aid. I am Garda Vetted.I intend on furthering my studies in Childcare in September ...
  • 28-Feb-14
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