Dismantling work inside and outside buildings and structures.

€ 50.00
A team of builders from Ireland and Ukraine with extensive experience in safe construction and dismantling works will perform the following works according to the schedule, ecology and sorting:
1. Dismantling of old buildings, destruction of the foundation;
2. Clearing the territory for new construction;
3. Demolition of walls;
4. Dismantling of ceilings and partitions;
5. Working with door or window openings (Expanding existing or creating new ones);
6. Cutting of concrete, dismantling of floors;
7. Dismantling of parquet or laminate;
8. Dismantling of facing tiles;
9. Elimination of electrical wiring;
10. Dismantling of gas stoves and plumbing;
11. Deepening cellars;
12. Dismantling and removal of furniture; 13. Lifting and unloading of materials; 14. Post-construction cleaning; 15. Dismantling of the old roof; 16. Installation of fences around construction sites; 17. Demolition of sheds, garages, outbuildings; 18. Cutting concrete with jackhammers; 19. Painting and wallpapering; 20. Installation of drywall; 21. Bulk self-leveling floors; 22. Construction of fences from wild stone; 23. Concrete paths; 24. Laying carpet, linoleum; Our specialists perform work at the facility full time, we respect your time and wishes to complete the task on time and earlier. All over Ireland. Phone: 353 85 288 61 30; [email protected]
Sep 04, 2023
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