Violin, Cello, and String Lessons

I am Kaylie Streit, a cellist and violinist. I teach violin and cello lessons in Cork City. I am also available to tutor viola, bass, and music theory. Lessons are available online and in person - contact me for the most up to date information as to specific policies for each type of lesson or if you prefer a hybrid approach.

I have been playing cello for 23 years, violin for 13 years, have a Bachelors degree in Music Education, and a Master of Arts degree. I have 10 years of teaching experience in one-on-one violin, viola, and cello lessons as well as public school music classrooms, both in the United States and in Cork. I am in Cork working on a PhD in music research. All lesson times are arranged on an individual basis, according to our schedules, to be most convenient for you! I am happy to answer any queries, especially about rates and scheduling, prior to beginning lessons, just send me a note!
Sep 04, 2023
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