H1 Leaving Cert HL French Notes

I am a 2019 student who achieved 625 points in the Leaving Cert. I attained H1 (98.5% in total) in French and 100% in the oral using these notes, which I ensure will help boost your grades too! I am also available for online/face-face grinds to help address specific areas of the course. Contact me for price. The following packages are available: 39 Opinion Pieces: Comprehensive notes and H1 essays on all possible current and abstract topics ranging from climate change to health to feminism and everything in between! These notes will ensure you are as prepared as possible going into the exam! 18 Journal Intimes: Includes key phrases that can be used in any diary entry and an extensive range of H1 sample diary entries 3 Récits: Includes useful phrases, vocab and sample answers Price for opinion pieces, journal intimes and récits together: €30 Grammar: All essential grammar points that will improve your grade if applied Price: €15 Oral: Comprehensive range of topics covered from the basics to the more advanced questions using Le conditionel, the imperfect tense and answers on abstract topics. Notes also on handy and impressive phrases that can be included anywhere. Price: €25 All notes are in HD colour PDF format. Notes will be sent through email once payment is made via PayPal. For more information, including sample notes, feel free to contact me. I also have H1 notes on LC HL Accounting theory, Maths, Irish.
Jan 23, 2023
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