Electrical Engineering and Physics Tutor

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I am Ph.D. in electrical engineering with 15 years of experience teaching physics and electrical engineering at all levels. I have a master's degree in nuclear engineering and a degree in physics and electrical engineering.
I feel comfortable teaching English, Spanish and Portuguese. My teaching methodology is in the solution of exercises, explained step by step with a focus on objectivity and student interaction. I am very attentive and I always try to approach the contents according to the learning speed of each student. Classes can be taught on google meet using image upload tools and whiteboard for explanations. I always recommend that the student sends me details of what he wants to study before starting classes, so that I can prepare and deliver the maximum quality of learning.
Classes are on electrical engineering topics in:
power electronics,
power system,
electrical machines,
electrical circuits,
automatic control and servomechanism.

Classes are on Physics topics in:
thermodynamics and nuclear.

I also teach maths and calculus.

One of my articles published in the IEEE can be seen at:

If you have any question, please contact me at whatsapp +5521988451021
Thank you.
Jan 25, 2023
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