Roller massage infrared light vacuum suction/ Cellulite reduction fat

€ 1,500
Roller massage infrared light vacuum suction/ Cellulite reduction fat.
5D Roller probe can treat big-area fats and keep the feeling of vacuuming, gripping, kneading.
Especially for potbelly and hips pats.
Rhythmic Vacuum Suction: Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, and activate metabolism
Multiple Emitting Lights: Red Light + IR, Far infrared ray increase blood circulation by vasodilator, and speed up metabolism in hypodermis
360° Rotating Roller:
Vacuum & Rotate & Knead & Rub speed up fat decomposition; Activate metabolism; Shrink fat cellDrainage Detoxification :
Adjustable direction, step-up flipping rhythm can unabsorb the set of drainage, easily drain the retained water and improve the swelling phenomenon!
Slim & Lifting: The micro-vibration roller massage can rebuild the tangled cellulite and hard fat with high density!
Muscle loosening & blood purification: Roller massage makes the deep and muscular group of stiff and sore muscles fully soft and stretched out! Combined with hemodynamics, it promotes the blood flow of the body tissues, and the venous blood responsible for taking away the waste toxin waste can also flow back smoothly.
Activate endorphin:
360°rotate Roller the compression micro-vibration effect, can act on the nerve receptors, increase the endorphin concentration to relieve pain!
Mar 21, 2023
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City Centre
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