Driver (Full-time)

Job Type: Full-Time
Advertised By: Private


Main Tasks:

· To work alongside your Head Loader and assigned crew as a cohesive
team ensuring you are fully debriefed on: the arrival and departure time of
your flight, assigned duties and any special airline procedures/instructions to
follow working together to achieve an on-time departure.

· To conduct your duties in full compliance with the comprehensive
training provided to you, including all work processes, procedures, methods,
airline specifics and safety and security protocols.

· To ensure on time delivery of baggage from the sorting area to
assigned flights.

· To ensure safe, secure, efficient and correct loading and unloading of
baggage from the holds in the aircraft belly, as instructed by your Head Loader
(Flight Supervisor).

· To physically load bags and freight within the holds of the aircraft
into the correct loading positions to ensure safe passage, in accordance with
specific loading instructions and procedures.

· To check the air bridge before departure and collect buggies and/or
excess cabin baggage and liaise with the Head Loader on which aircraft hold to
load them.

· The safe loading and unloading of freight from arriving and departing
aircraft ensuring their on-time delivery to the correct baggage hall and cargo

· To ensure the necessary equipment is transported by you to the
allocated aircraft stand in a safe, airport regulated compliant manner, as instructed
by your Head Loader.

· To conduct a visual inspection of all equipment in advance of driving
it to ensure it is functional and safe to use.

· Report equip

May 21, 2022
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