Night nurse looking for overtime

€ 38 / Hour
Employment Type
I'm a nurse with over 20 years good clinical experience within the acute clinical areas.

Looking for a few nights a week or even one night. If you have a loved one who needs that little bit of care at night, perhaps I could give you a peaceful night's sleep.

I can deal with peg tubes, NG feeding, stoma bags, wound care, give IV antibiotics, all areas considered.

I have a great bedside Manor and most of all you get to cut out all the madness that an agency would charge you.

My working hours are negotiable and my pay can be negotiable but will be within my incremental payscale.

I'm a very genuine person and if you meet me I'm sure you'd be very happy with the care your relative recieved.

Please if you would like to contact me. Please do not withhold your number. Or email and i can contact you. Thanks

Nov 21, 2023
Town / Area
North City
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Night nurse
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More then 9 Years
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