EyeCode4You: Build a Computer Workshop Dublin

€ 30
Arts and Business Campus Drumcondra, Drumcondra Road Lower, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

Ever wanted to build your own computer but don't have the technical know how?

Building your own computer can be quite a tricky task, especially without hands-on experience. You also have to know quite a bit about all of the different components and technologies that make up a computer system.

Technology University Dublin Graduate Giuseppe has setup a hands-on computer building workshop for all ages and skill levels with the aim of teaching students how to build and disassemble computer systems and providing technical context behind the internal components found within.

This workshop aims to enable you to build your own computer systems, to introduce you to all of the major components in a computer and their functions, and to provide you with technical knowledge so you will be comfortable dealing with computer hardware.

This workshop is perfect for anyone with an interest in computers and technology and also for potential or beginner students of IT/Computer Science subjects.

Upon completion of this workshop you will have gained practical knowledge on computer hardware and will receive a certificate of completion issued by EyeCode4You.

In this 90-120 minute workshop in addition to assembling/disassembling computers you'll also learn about:

- Motherboards: types of motherboards, ports and components.

- Computer Memory: the different types of RAM sticks, the differences between, volatile and non-volatile memory.

- The CPU: What a CPU does, how to tell between AMD/Intel processors and selecting the right one for any motherboard.

- Graphics Cards: installing graphics cards (GPUs) and an overview on different types and GPU technologies.

- Cabling & Connections: learn how to easily tell apart the cabling inside a computer case and connecting components.

View more workshops and services on our site: https://www.eyecode4you.com/
May 06, 2022
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North City
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