High Quality STATISTICS Consultancy with PhD STATS

€ 25
About Me:-
I am PhD in Statistics with Masters Degree in Mathematics and Faculty Member in a University as well. I Offer Consulting services in the areas of Probability Theory, Statistics, Biostatistics, Stochastic Processes, and Mathematical Statistics and in Mathematics.
I have thought more than 10 years for University Students and Also Providing My Services Online in All Over the World. My Main Goal is to Facilitate University Students, Researchers and business Personals in their Data Collection, Analysis, and Report Writing. I have consulted researchers in the fields of Medicine, Biology, Education, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering and many Fields.
Descriptive Statistics:-
Central tendency, Variance, Standard Deviation
Inferential Statistics:-
Estimation, Hypothesis testing, Regression Analysis, Logistic Regression, Regression Trees, t-test, F-statistic, Multivariate, ANOVA, Null Hypothesis, Chi-square, CART, calculus, derivatives, integration, limits, math, high school, college, AP, MA, thesis, projects, PhD, Stepwise Regression, ensemble Forecasting, forecasting, predictive analytics, SAS, Excel, R, SPSS, r value, p value, significance test, training set
Software’s Use:-
Panel Data, Large Sample Methods, Design of surveys, Principal Components, SEM, Bayesian methods, Monte Carlo, Cluster analysis, Data mining / machine learning, survival analysis, Point estimation, Hypotheses testing, analysis, statistical genetics, asset pricing, portfolio optimization, risk analysis, Matlab, R, SPSS / AMOS, Stata, SAS, JMP, Minitab, EViews, Excel.......
Charges (Cost):-
My rate depends on nature of Working as you required. I estimate the Cost according to the complexity of the subject you need help with and the level of guidance you need.
By the Way the base rate is €25 / hour
Contact Method:-
You can just reply to this add or can text or call via Whatsapp +32 460 220 290 have any questions or are interested in receiving Grinds
Sep 25, 2023
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North City
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