Mobile Exclusive Detox/Holistic Therapy

Highly Qualified & Experienced Holistic Therapist & Reiki Master & Healer is offering the Following Holistic Threatments as:

( ITEC, CIDESCO Diplomas, Reiki Master / Kundalini Reiki Certificates )

-Relaxing Full Body Holistic Treatment with Essential Hearbal Bath up to 3 Hrs
-Relaxing Chocolate Full Body Massage up to 3 hrs
-Accupunture /Shiatsu Massage to open all Meridians as Energetic Highway of your Body to Treat Depression, Anxiety and other Mental Traumas & Issues- 2 hrs

-Deep Tissue/ Sport Full Body Massage 2Hrs

-Hot Oil Relaxing Full Body Massage 2 Hrs

-Aromatherapy Full Body Holistic Treatment 2 Hrs

-Back/Shoulders/Neck Deep Tissue Massage and some other Holistic Treatments by your individual enquiery.

Please , do not hesitate to contact Svetlana just CALLS PLEASE by 0830789331 ( also via Whatsapp). No TEXTS please. Thanks.
Aug 08, 2022
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