Online Maths Teacher , Want to catch up?

€ 30.00
Secondary School Level Grinds Available...

One of the most experienced and effective Maths grinds teacher with over 25 years experience.

I provide ->

- 1 to 1 tuition online
-Secondary Maths, Junior cycle, Leaving Certificate. Ordinary and Higher Levels
- free notes , question sets
- video solutions for learning outside classes
- reliable and supportive approach to all levels from beginner to advanced
- one of the most experienced private tutors by far in Ireland


Contact me on 0851200925,
Whatsapp also 0851200925
email. [email protected]

checkout my youtube channel for maths education:
Maths Plus

Here is further information on my experience.
I prefer to do one to one tuition for grinds as I find it effective. Over the years o have helped 100s of secondary students to improve for the Junior and Leaving cycles.. I take great pride in helping people reach their potential and I am available whenever the students needs a little extra help . Being there for the student is important as they need someone who is fully committed to the process.
Thank you for your interest.
Jan 08, 2024
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