Investment Marketer (Remote)

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Contract | Part Time
About us
Caipiteal is a fund that ensures our clients' wealth is secure forever. 10% of millionaires declare bankruptcy, 70% of wealthy families are broke by the second generation and 90% of wealthy families go broke by the third generation. We increase the chance of an individual or family remaining wealthy to close to 100%. We have run 40,000 years of simulations and we can say Caipiteal will be here long after even Google is gone.

Job Description
We are seeking an Investment Associate that can assist us in raising institutional investment. You will be contacting investment firms and accredited investors to increase the Assets Under Management at the fund.

What we are looking for
If you are a top performer in sales at the moment, where a consultative approach is crucial, it is likely your skills and experience are transferable to selling our highly attractive, exclusive, off plan cash cow asset investments. We are open to any type of background.

The Team
We have a team of about 25 at this time and pipeline of hundreds of millions. You will receive full training and have constant access to the team members through Slack.
Mar 03, 2023
Town / Area
South County
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1 - 3 Years
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