Kangen Water machine

€ 2,800
Water comes into the machine and goes through a double carbon mechanical filter which removes the chlorine, lead, plastic, etc.. from the water. The filter does not remove the good things in the water such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

The filtration is a very small part of what the machine does though. Once the water has passed through the filter, it is run over a series of titanium plates and the water is given a strong electrical charge which splits the water molecules.

The scientific name for this is electrolysed reduced water and as a result, we have two outputs from the machine. One of these is acidic water with a positive electrical charge which we do NOT drink.

The main output is the water that we do drink. This water is alkaline and has a PH of up to 9.5 As a result of splitting the water molecules, this water also contains active oxygen and active hydrogen.

In addition, it also contains an enormous amount of antioxidants (you get the same amount of antioxidants from drinking one litre as you would get from eating 5lbs of fruit). The part that makes it all work from the human body's point of view is the negative electrical charge.

Every cell in your body has a negative electrical charge (-95). Every cell in your body has a gatekeeper called an aquaporin which prevents anything with a positive electrical charge from getting in at a cellular level. When you drink any other water, let it be tap, bottled, filtered, or reverse osmosis they all have a positive electrical charge. This means that your cells only allow about 30% of the water in.

When you drink the water from a Kangen machine it has a negative electrical charge and this allows over 90% of the water in at a cellular level. This results in your cells being properly hydrated in an alkaline environment with active oxygen which means that your cells start to work the way they were meant to when you were born and as a result, this water helps slow down the ageing process.
Oct 28, 2023
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South County
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