Career Guidance counsellor / general tutor

€ 50
Exceptional Career Guidance Counsellor In Dublin available for sessions with people of all ages to help not only give them a sense of what they would love to do in life but also I will help align them to their purpose with a 100% success rate ! this service will be of great value to anyone who is unsure , an over thinker , anxious or maybe is just simply overwhelmed by the vast multitude of career options that are available out there and that they are stunned into inaction , frozen in time and fearful of their future which the unknown can be another psychological void that needs to be filled and this is my job. I work with all people of all ages and I help them 100% of the time and for young people from 15-22 that are thinking ahead about college and careers you have found the elixir in me. Call or text ,PLEASE only the stated times! 089-9585400 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri . Jayke Murray
Jul 12, 2022
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