Grinds in Maths,Statistics,Probability,SPSS

I am an experienced statistician and a university academic faculty member, with PhD in statistics and 30 years of teaching/consultancy experience.

* Experience of statistical consultancy for over 450 projects, in various fields ranging from industrial to psychological and medical studies.
* Grinds available for university Statistics, Probability & Mathematics.
* Statistical consultancy for PhD and Master thesis.
* Professional and qualified tutor, with PhD in Maths & Stats - 29 years experience of tutoring/lecturing Maths and Stats and consultation in Statistical Analysis.
* Tuition in SPSS, Minitab & Stata, Eviews and R.
* Record of excellent results proven with previous students from TCD, UCD, DCU, DIT, ITT, DBS, ITB, NUIM, UCC, NUIG and UL.
* Available evenings and weekends.

**** Card payment is accepted ****


* Ivy: Hats off to your teaching techniques! I really appreciate all the tools, examples and methods you used to teach.
* Alana: You are the best teacher ever, I think no other teacher made me understand maths!
* Deborah: You are a saint !
* Eamonn: You are a valuable asset to our economy!
* Sladjana: You taught us from your heart, and you were incredibly passionate about that. There was a sense of good feeling in the class.
* Mary: (after getting her exam result) You tell me, is this a dream or reality? If it is true, I owe you my whole future.
* Melody: Thank you for your nice and professional teaching that revived the love of learning in us once again and thank you for your patience toward our silly questions!
* Roisin: I now realise that your style of teaching was unique.
* Mary (TCD Lecturer): It is a mystery how James went up to 78% from 17%.
* Clare: Got my results back just there: 89% ! That’s crazy good! I had never gotten over 50% in any Maths exam!
Sep 07, 2023
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