LEARN SPANISH from €10. Free trial class! Spanish

Hola Learn Spanish for your job, trips, exams, or to speak Spanish with more confidence and fluency, My name is Cecilia. I am a qualified native Spanish teacher and have over ten years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language. And, for most students, the biggest difficulty in learning Spanish is speaking rather than reading, writing, or understanding grammar. That is why the lessons are based on conversation and Spanish culture and vocabulary. Get started right now! Book a FREE 30-minute trial class! It's a one-on-one live video lesson on Zoom. If you decide to continue, you can choose between a fixed or flexible schedule. * The fee for a 30-minute lesson is €10.00. (Perfect for practising conversation). * The fee for a 45-minute lesson is €12.00. * The fee for a 60-minute lesson is €15.00. This fee includes all learning materials. From beginners to advanced levels, Special discounts are available for groups or teams. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Hasta la vista!
Mar 23, 2022
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