PhD in Statistics for (Experienced Statistician) S

I am a professional statistician having PhD degree in statistics and faculty member at a university as well offering consulting services in the fields of statistics, probability, biostatistics, econometrics, optimization, actuarial methods and quantitative finance. I hold a PhD in Statistics (Reliability and quality Control 6 Sigma) with a minor in Management. I help with academic study, independent study, dissertations, advanced research, big programming projects, business-related projects and data analysis in any of the major statistical packages (R, RStudio, Python, Matlab, Stata, SPSS, AMOS, EViews, SAS, JMP, Minitab, Excel). I work with all types of clients, from undergraduate students to full professors in other fields. The effective hourly rate depends on the level of material. During my five years at the graduate school I taught more than ten undergraduate, master's level and PhD level probability and statistics courses. After graduation, for more than twelve years, I have been working in the industry focusing on projects in machine learning, time series analysis, Reliability and Quality Control 6 Sigma, QMS, data compression, computational statistics, stochastic optimization, pricing, quantitative trading and risk management. Equally importantly, I have tutored students and business professionals in all areas of statistics and quantitative finance for the last twelve years. I have consulted researchers in medical, social and economic sciences regarding statistical aspects of their research for fifteen years. Below is a list of selected past clients by type: + 150+ finance professionals, + 100+ MD, nurses and other medical professionals, + 80+ researchers in social sciences and marketing requesting help with the statistica
Aug 29, 2023
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