Research Statistics: Statistician/ Analysis &

PhD qualified. I am a freelance statistical online tutor and consultant with 15+ years' research and stats experience. Analytical experience in: Physical sciences, Health and Clinical sciences, Social sciences, Sports Statistics. I can analyze and report on your data set, using SPSS. Very experienced in exhaustive analysis of Survey Monkey and Qualtrics data sets collected online. My specialty is working with postgraduate research thesis students, and clinical researchers needing statistical analysis services: Conventional descriptive (univariate) statistics t-tests for comparing mean values Correlations (bivariate) between variables Categorical and continuous variables OK Factor Analysis e.g. PCA (Principal Components Analysis) Questionnaire Reliability Testing Bivariate & Multivariate Regression analysis Time Series, Fourier Transform, Autocorrelation Function, Allan Deviation Large data sets OK How I operate: Each project will be assessed by me in conversation (by Skype or email) with the researcher. I will then provide a no-obligation Work Proposal and Price Quotation.
Sep 29, 2023
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