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I have a PhD in mathematics and statistics and extensive teaching experience as a lecturer. I am no longer a lecturer and have moved into industry where I work in computational and statistical modelling. I mainly teach final year and masters subjects including Rstudio, R, SPSS, AMOS, SAS, Stata, Excel, Python, Numpy, Pandas, MATLAB, Minitab, Eviews, Tableau, Power BI etc. I also help with Data Analysis, Meta Analysis, Econometrics, Time Series, Forecasting, Probability, Statistics for Psychology, Hayes PROCESS, Mediation, Moderation, SEM, Path Analysis, ANOVA, Regression, Factor Analysis, Data Wrangling, Data cleaning, Hypothesis testing, Gpower, Gretl, Jamovi, Cochrane reviews, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, research methods, machine learning, options pricing, Black Scholes Formula, Binomial Trees, Stochastic Calculus, Monte Carlo Simulation, Bayesian statistics, R studio, ArcGIS, Programming, Coding, Computer Science, statistics, computing, mathematics, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Engineering. Feel free to message me at any time or email me at [email protected]
Dec 06, 2022
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