Launch VSP 600 Video Scope

€ 80
The Launch Tech VSP-600 inspection endoscope can access the hard-to-reach points inside the car,
such as low-light, dark or humid spaces, etc. The real-time visualization image is displayed on the screen (and Launch diagnostic tablet pairing) for fast,
reliable and accurate diagnosis. Launch Tech VSP-600 Inspection Camera Videoscope also plays an active role in the cleaning and maintenance of automobile engines.
With enough flexibility and digital efficiency, the Inspection Endoscope Launch Tech VSP-600 helps you have clear video inspections to detect possible anomalies of the tightest and darkest in a vehicle,
which greatly reduces maintenance time and cost and avoids unnecessary damage caused by repeated disassembly of parts.
View and record video at 30 frames a second in full VGA resolution.
Transfer and assess your videos & pictures on your Launch X431.
7mm camera is IP67 certified for immersion, so you know it can safely be used in any fluid soaked area.
Camera size allows it to fit easily into spark plug holes and any other small space in need of inspection.
6 adjustable LED lights offering varying degrees of brightness.
Ph : 085 7763076
Jul 11, 2023
Town / Area
West County
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