Irish History Lessons/Conversations

€ 20
This is a weekly class designed for people who are not from Ireland but are interested in Irish history. The classes will be organised in the form of PowerPoints, Microsoft Word and will take place over Zoom. Classes will usually last 1 hour.

I can cover the most important points in Irish history but you can also tailor the course to a more in depth focus on specific points of Irish history if you wish. The class is an hour long and the day on which the class takes place can be negotiated.

My background is in the legal profession but I have had an interest in history since I was young and have covered it from Primary education to University level. I can also speak German to a C1 level as well as fluency in Irish.

The information provided in these lessons is my work alone and I reserve all rights to copyright the literary work provided. The price is €20 per lesson and classes will take place in the evening time after 6:00pm GMT. The first class will be free of charge and will consist of a discussion over what topics the user would like to include and laying out a plan for lessons.

Payment can take place over Revolut or through other means.
Aug 31, 2022
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