Nico Top Hung Standard Friction Window Hinge 12inc

€ 13
Nico Top Hung Standard Friction Window Hinge 12inch – 311mm Window hinges that are working well will keep your window sealed and help eliminate cold air and breezes. when your window hinges are strained, damaged and not in optimal condition there will be a gap at the edge of your window, between the sash and the frame allowing not only cold to come in but your expensive and precious heat to leak out costing you hundreds of euro per year extra in heating. Dimensions: 87 Degree Opening Steel Construction Tested to 30,000 Cycles Stack Height 13mm Colour/Finish: Steel Hinge designs may change from time to time, but the sizes remain constant so variations in the images and hinges received may vary, however it is the same product. Description 1 pair of 12” 311mm Nico uPVC Top Hung Window Stay Friction Hinges (one pair)
Nov 29, 2023
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