Munster Joinery Timber Door Draft Draught Seal Whi

€ 31
Munster Joinery Timber Door Draft Draught Seal (White) Are your timber doors letting in cold air and noise? Is your door seal frayed or damaged. Do you have wooden (usually teak) doors that need an upgrade? These replacement Wooden or Timber Door Draft Seal compatible with Munster Joinery Timber & Most Other Wooden Doors. These wooden door seals are pretty hard-wearing, however painting, keys getting caught when locking, or general wear and tear in a family home can cause them to become brittle and fail. These are easy to replace, just remove the old damaged door seal and ensure the grove on the timber door is clean and free from dust, etc, the new seal will fit into the grove on the door frame to help keep those draughts out and save you €100’s on heating bills every year. Price: €4.75 – €55.00 Features: Locks out water and draughts No tools needed Available in black and brown Comes in 1, 5, 6, 10, 15 metre lengths
Mar 13, 2023
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