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€ 10
I am 20. I teach the French language online for every age, kids/ teens/ adults. I study and live in France since my childhood, the classes will be online on zoom. I have 2 years of experience teaching English in France, I also teach French. Currently, I am in 2nd year of English Literature/Civilisation License at Sorbonne University in Paris. With me, you will be able to learn and improve your level in French while deepening your vocabulary. I use interaction to help you progress: you will describe contents (pictures, works, paintings), watch short videos, and discuss what you have understood, you will also tell me things in French (I will give you topics and we will discuss them or you can monologue). If you like creative workshops, you will have fun (for children)! During the course, you will be led if you wish to, for example, draw things that I will describe to you in French. You will have an electronic "notebook" which we will share on google drive (I can see live what you do on the page during the exercises and I can correct you, this will be your "notebook" where we will put documents so you can review as much as you want the things done in the previous sessions to memorize the vocabulary)

Contact me if you want to learn French :D

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2 FREE lessons + Rate 10€ per hour
Nov 14, 2022
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