Longford Draft Seals Stop Cold Air and Breezes Com

Draughty windows can be a pain in the glass, drafts can affect the warmth and comfort of your home and even leave some rooms too cold to enjoy or cost a fortune to heat.
If you notice a cold breeze coming through your windows it means there’s an issue with the seals or hinges. There could also be a draught coming in between the frame and the wall or between the frame and the glass.
When you have drafts its not just cold air coming in, its heat going out, and you could literally be throwing money to the wind if you do not seal your windows properly. Therefore replacing leaky draught seals can save you €100s per year in heating bills.
If the draft is coming through a gap between the wall and frame, this will need to be filled. If it’s coming in between the pane of glass and the frame, the seals may need replacing. If the windows are particularly old, it may be worth replacing them with new double or triple-glazed windows for better all-around performance.

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Jan 24, 2024
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