Food Truck Ready Too Go!

€ 20,000
This food truck is Fully equipped with everything needed to start business straight away! Includes:
Gas grill - two gas cans (one full)
Two basket fryer Gas run 5lt - 20 litres of clean oil
4 fridges
2 freezers
A fridge salad bar - with plenty of plastic and metal gastro 9inch ect pans to fit
Three sinks - one for hand washing two for prep
Water pump
Water heater
Water tanks
Water heater run of gas for tea and coffee
Small oven
Long Extension lead for power
12 v generator
Gas emergency switches
Sum up tap square for payments
Money box for float
Multiple sized stainless steel bowls
Multiple sized plastic containers
Squeeze bottles
Packaging for chips, burgers, salads, tea, dips ect
Chopping boards
Cleaning chemicals

Trailer is extremely well kept , safe to move and structurly very strong , no leaks or faults
Spare wheel , wheel clamp, trailer hitch lock , a tracking box that just needs a account created
I had had is hsc certified within the first week having it!
You will only need to do a paint job to make if for your liking for it to be ready to rock !
I was running a burger truck and I have a freezer with chicken fillets , brioche buns and some bag of chips ! I can remove all this of course but it would still have value if kept frozen! I have 24 packs of un opened coke, Diet Coke , sprit, Fanta and water !
Sauces such as mustard, ketchup, mayo sweet chilli that all have been kept in fridge! Dry goods such as oregano, paprika, mustard powder!

This food truck was my business for two months and was a complete success I am just moving home to England so am selling It

Open to offers

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Can send video if needed

Call me 0877001584

Dec 20, 2022
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