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€ 12.50 / Hour
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Contract | Part Time
If you are looking for flexible hours, friendly boss and colleagues, ability to work on your own initiative and possibility of growing with the bussiness, enjoying a bit of gymnastics and fresh air during working hours, we might be the right place for you.

We are small cleaning service provider working in Louth, Meath and Dublin area.

We are looking for friendly and possibly skilled window cleaner willing to start their day early, working on regular routes cleaning windows for commercial and domestic customers.

If you are willing to learn and you like blasting dirt away you can also learn how to power wash, clean carpets and floors but we leave it up to you.

The most important is personality.

If you are positive person respecting others and expecting to be respected in return, if you like contact with people, driving, working in different places every day, looking for work that will not take whole day but will allow you to have time for your interests and grow giving you income in the same time, this might be place for you.

We are communicating directly there is no false niceness here no building sandwiches.
Questions are direct and we don't accuse of anything or throwing out tuntrum if something goes sideways. We expect the same from you.

If you have any questions or don't agree please speak up. We will be direct too.

If you think that being direct and open in comunication is hurting your feelings please don't bother contacting us.

NO NARCISSISTS, we have been through few.
You will be weeded out quickly if you are toxic person manipulating and using others.

If you are only focused on banging out hours, feeling forced to work at all, not having any interests or perspective in life, looking to put the least amount of effort in anything in your life, treating smiling to your customers as a must, feeling entitled to everything that's not the place for you.

We are not looking for depressed workers or bored kids haveing problem in putting energy into anything looking for the easiest job possible.

We are looking for someone that would like to fulfill dreams and needs work that wouldnt consume all the time and energy to be able to pursue future goals and simply likes other people, likes life and likes himself or herself.

We can offer pay depending on performance, we always secure 12.50 as a minimal hourly pay but with system of bonus your hourly rate may reach 20e p/h all is in your hands but also depends on the type of work performed.

You'll have your van that you can pick up from our premisses and bring back after work.
You'll starting your work in the moment of entering the van and starting the motor.

Your hours are calculated automatically so there is no way we can screw you cause you will see in on automatic report.

Bonuses are also mathematically calculated by our system so you can have clear view of your earnings.
We pay propper holiday pay.
You can contact us on 0870531782
Or check us out
Mar 09, 2023
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Spotless Cleaning
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