Heavy Duty Cotswold 10" Friction Stay Window

€ 30
Pair of Heavy Duty Cotswold 10″ Inch Friction Stay Window Hinge suitable for Munster Joinery PVC, aluminium, or wood windows with a 17mm Stack Do you have Munster Joinery PVC windows in your home, are your window sashes loose, not close tight or have gaps in the corner of the window between the sash and the frame? If so, you more than likely have 10-inch side hung Cotswold Friction hinges. These differ from other window hinges are they are robust, heavy-duty, and strong. Length of Stay: 10 inches / 260mm Stack Height: 17mm *PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE ORDERING Track Width: 22mm *PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE ORDERING Maximum window weight = 16KG Left and right paired Top hung or Side hung https://doorandwindowparts.ie/product/heavy-duty-cotswold-10-friction-stay-window-hinges-for-munster-joinery-pvc-windows/
Nov 29, 2023
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