Schlegel 32mm Mark/Type 1 (A) Low Rise Sliding Pat

€ 33
Pair Sliding Patio Door Roller Schlegel 32mm Adjustable Tandem Roller Wheels Bogies (Low to High Rise) TYPE A /Mark 1 Patio door rollers are also called wheels and bogies, this pair of rollers are the lower rise tandem roller, its also called the type A sliding patio door rollers Features: Perfect replacement for Monarch patio rollers and wheels Heavy dual load spreading stainless steel tandem wheels, which reduces wear on the tracks. Double row bearings for increased stability and smooth performance. High-quality construction with corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance and durability. Dimensions: Body Width: 18.5mm Body Length: 93mm Body Height: 28.5mm Wheel Height: 32mm 94kg load per roller Other Names: Monarch Patio Rollers, Schlegel Patio Rollers. What’s Included.! 2 x Schlegel 32mm Adjustable Tandem Sliding Patio Door Roller (A Pair of Rollers)
Nov 29, 2023
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