White Cockspur Window Handle for aluminium or PVC

€ 13
Cockspur Window Handle for aluminium, wooden and old PVC windows (Right) White Cockspur window handles are the oldest type of window handles on the market. They are called after the small spur (triangle piece) that sticks out of the side of the handle that pushes against the PVC wedge on the frame when closing the window, creating a secure closing. These were the first handles used in aluminium windows and they were also the first type of handles in the older uPVC windows. The cockspur window handle is a simple latch mechanism that is simple to use and has a key locking function. Cockspur window handles come in left and right options and operate by turning them 90 degrees. Dimensions: No wedge fitted = 21mm Thin wedge = 17mm (Actual wedge depth 4mm) Middle wedge = 13mm (Actual wedge depth 8mm) Thickest wedge = 9mm (Actual wedge depth 12mm) Colour/Finish: White Satin Silver Gold Chrome https://doorandwindowparts.ie/product/wh112-white-cockspur-right-mila-cockspur-window-handle-right-white/
May 15, 2023
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