Curved PVC window handle (left) silver | ProLinea

€ 10
Dimensions: 43mm between fixing points Spindle length: 30mm sold as standard(with a 7mm diameter) DESCRIPTION This handle is the Mila window espag (also called espagnolette) handle, it has a locking function. However, it is advised not to lock bedroom windows (or any windows for that matter) as they will be needed as an escape in the case of fire. There are several reasons why you will need to replace your window handle, for instance, if the hinges are damaged or corroded they will become sticky and the window can jam, causing strain on the window handle when pulling excessively to close the window. It’s common that when you have to replace your uPVC window handle that you have to replace the window hinge at the same time. We have identified a few other causes for replacing broken uPVC window handles, for example: When the mechanism is jammed, often the handle can be put under pressure and the homeowner can wring the handle. The handle can break due to good old fashioned wear and tear and lack of maintenance.
Nov 29, 2023
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