Planning Observations/Objections & An Bord Ple

Do you wish to make a observation/objection in relation to a planning application that impacts you, or have the local authority approved an application that you objected to and you need to appeal it to An Bord Pleanála? Are you a developer who wishes to appeal a local authority decision to An Bord Pleanála? I am a qualified Civil Engineer with an Advanced Diploma in Planning & Environmental Law (King's Inns, 2020) and former local authority employee (also published writer with Masters in Business and Management) - I can look over planning documents/interpret drawings for you and formulate a detailed submission on your behalf to your local authority or An Bord Pleanála (including reviewing local and county area plans, other planning applications etc. in the area) - I have vast experience in this area. Please message Paula (MSc, Hdip, BEng, MIEI) with your requirements for a price.
Jul 07, 2022
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