Leaving Cert Biology Grinds

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Hi there! My name is Shauna, and I am currently a fourth year Medical student in UCD. I achieved 6 H1s in the Leaving Cert (2018) and 10 As in Junior Cert. I am a very friendly, outgoing person, and am well organised. Having sat the Leaving Cert myself recently, I am confident with the best techniques to approach exam questions, as well as knowing what the most important things to study/focus on are. I have always loved teaching and helping others, particularly when it comes to biology. 

I have been giving grinds for 4 years. I have found that all of the students I have had have improved both their grades and their confidence in the subjects that I have given them grinds in. I have a lot of experience doing Zoom grinds as I continued grinds throughout the pandemic via Zoom. I also have experience doing group grinds, which I do at a discounted rate for groups of more than two.

I believe that the best way to teach grinds is in an exam-oriented way, with particular focus on the exam papers, as this is the key to improving grades. I also like to work out on the first grind with my students what topics they would like to/feel they need to focus on, and I revise this material with them, followed by going through exam papers. I mostly like to use my own notes instead of the book as I feel that the book often has a lot of excess information that is not necessary to achieve full marks.
May 09, 2022
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